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Why Solid Wood Cabinets So Expensive?
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Today, with the gradual maturity of the cabinet industry, people are increasingly demanding on the overall cabinet that reflects the quality of life. The current cabinet market, many types of cabinets, the brand is too numerous to mention, in particular, the highest value of solid wood cabinets, wood cabinets that why so expensive?

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

1, solid wood cabinets selection

High-grade solid wood cabinets in the selection of very strict. Mostly used for solid wood cabinet wood oak, maple, walnut and cherry wood, most of the domestic famous brands imported from abroad these wood, or even a global collection, in order to ensure adequate supply. These woods must be air-dried for at least two years, so that all kinds of cells inside the wood can die completely and the water content of the wood is kept to a minimum. This is particularly important for cabinets that are all solid wood, because of the worrying cracking of the cabinets. The reason why the deformation, largely due to pre-drying time is too short timber, moisture content is not strictly controlled, therefore, only the moisture content of raw materials to a minimum, in order to ensure the real high quality wood cabinets. The selected wood is fully in line with European environmental requirements, the formaldehyde content is almost zero.

2, solid wood cabinets processing technology

Solid wood cabinets in the processing of imported equipment imported. First-class equipment and technology to ensure the quality of solid wood cabinets, some of the technology is to use manual cutting and hand-carved and polished. There are many patterns and lines above the cabinets are hand-carved by a veteran master, filled with European medieval aristocratic life unique classical style, and some even have a large independent totem sculpture outside the cabinets, these hand-made solid wood carving is also very solid wood cabinets An important part is a symbol of power.

3, solid wood cabinets design

Design a good solid wood cabinets, from excellent designers on the European design culture, a thorough understanding, and this is largely reflected in the design details and details of the integration with the cabinet. Excellent kitchen design can show the artistic and cultural value, while setting off the identity of the owner and social value, which is not reached by ordinary brand designers.

Each family member's height, personality characteristics, preferences are different. Outstanding designers can design the most suitable cabinet for your home based on the characteristics of your family members. To achieve the overall coordination of the kitchen every process, and create a good family atmosphere, a strong atmosphere of life.

4, the world's top hardware accessories

Hardware is a very crucial part of the cabinet, do not look small, just like the human skeleton joints, affecting the useful life of cabinets and flexibility. Such as the quality of the hinge but not easily lead to deformation of the door, resulting in cabinets switch inconvenience; another example, the box connector, box connector quality is good or bad, affecting the stability of the use of cabinets. General high-end cabinets are imported hardware accessories, the price is more than 10 times the domestic hardware.

5, the overall function of excellence

Solid wood cabinets in the overall functional configuration also excellence, embodies the humane design concept everywhere. Hidden rice barrels and trash cans do garbage sorting cabinets and other cabinet gadgets everything, the modern range hood hidden in the beautiful antique hood hood. At the same time, the modern lighting technology perfectly integrated into the overall design of solid wood cabinets, so that the classical charm and modern light art perfect combination. Central island set to show the open kitchen as a whole great charm, but also bring out the luxury of the solid wood cabinets and the atmosphere. In short, solid wood cabinets both as an exquisite works of art, but also with the careful layout of your life needs, and strive to make effective use of the kitchen area, improve the operation process of rationality, the kitchen life to achieve more convenient, comfortable and beautiful situation.

6, the risk of business

Solid wood cabinets emphasize the overall unity of the overall custom cabinets are in accordance with the owners housing area, demand, personalized customization, in the event of errors, businesses only bear their own losses.

7, good service

When we buy goods, we all want high-quality service. We are satisfied with the sense of belonging and respect being satisfied. Of course, such services are also valuable and are not as simple as a few hundred dollars. For the brand cabinets you enjoy is in the cabinet merchants meticulous and comprehensive pre-sales measurement, the sale of the site installation, regular after-sales visits and never ceaseless humanistic care, especially good after-sales service can lift the consumer's worries .

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