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Cabinets Popular Four Styles This Year
- Nov 30, 2017 -

Today, the cabinet industry has been from a single development pattern to diversify the road to development, continuous technological innovation, the continuous improvement of the form, making cabinets appear a variety of popular styles. Cabinets designers through several domestic cabinet brand analysis, the cabinet style is divided into the following four categories.

Rustic Style:Rustic cabinets are mostly solid wood, with natural colors and extensive use of plain materials such as solid wood panels and hardware. In addition, delicate, smooth edge, straight, delicate process, uniform glue, to ensure the most accurate size and the most exquisite woodworking skills.

Classical style: In the classical style outside the cabinet performance, the ancient dark red to express noble qualities, details of the carved, plus the noble colors, so quaint and eternal show most vividly. The combination of black and red, not only shows the antique, but also to ensure that no fashion out of touch, coupled with the ancient embroidery decoration, but also shows the owner's taste.

 classical style cabinet

Modern style:modern style cabinet design is the most ideological work, with decorative art and fashion characteristics of the modern style cabinets in the face material color, counter small foot shape and so on are traditional and popular culture of the language, it can Various characteristics of the home environment to match. The color and style of fusion, the bar, the frame-shaped decoration and concise door combination, between the traditional and popular, extravagance without extravagance, simple but not rough.

 modern style cabinets

Advanced style: This style is characterized by a strong color contrast. One of the purple cabinets design, bright and mysterious. Use avant-garde ideas to design boldly so that people can manage housework in a fresh and clean environment.

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