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Cabinet Customization Process
- Dec 24, 2017 -
  1. sign a cabinet order

    After choosing the cabinet manufacturer, can sign an order, and pay a deposit. Pay attention to the proper deposit of the deposit sheet and return it to the cabinet contract after signing the contract.

  2. First field measurement

    After signing the order, the cabinet designer can be asked to measure the door for the first time. The first measurement should be in the water reform before the water electrician, the best foreman are present, according to the kitchen hydropower layout, considering whether there is a need for hydropower pipeline modification. And tell the designer's own needs of the kitchen power and the location that they intend to place. After this survey, the designer designed the prototype of the whole cabinet and the hydropower transformation drawings of the kitchen according to the kitchen space. The workers of the hydropower construction are constructed according to the drawings.

  3. Second time field measurement

    The time of the two measurement is usually after the reconstruction of the hydropower and the construction of the wall and floor tiles. This measurement, the data must be accurate, the position and size of the kitchen power should be determined. The designer needs to produce the final precise design drawings of the custom cabinet based on the results of the measurement.

  4. Check the cabinets design drawings

    After the second measurement, you can see the design map in three days. When you receive the drawing, you need to see the CAD map carefully besides the effect diagram. The size of the above sign should be checked clearly.

  5. Pay the first payment by signing a contract

    After the design is determined, it is necessary to make an early appointment with the designer to sign a detailed supply contract to the store and advance payment. There are various regulations about the total price, payment method, delivery, installation, acceptance and after sale of the contract, and the contract will also have two documents, the nuclear price list and the design drawing. The contract is of great importance, and it is necessary to carefully confirm each clause when it is signed.

  6. Delivery installation

    The delivery and installation of cabinets are usually free. The staff members will make an appointment with customers before delivery, according to the time agreed before delivery.

  7. Acceptance check

    The owner of the cabinet has completed the installation, and the owner will carry out a comprehensive inspection of the whole cabinet.

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