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Congratulations To Ribo Kitchen Cabinet | Full House Customization Successfully Signed The Hebei Cangzhou Xianzhou County
- Dec 30, 2017 -

In the context of full house customization, dealers wish to move from traditional industries to whole housing. After multiple brands, wish always very recognition of li bo product line covers the ambry and whole house, and the rights of the same city to the only dealer, to ensure the guest list of dealers absolute value and profit margins join in policy, determined to join li bo. I wish I have a 244 flat shop in xianxian county. The project is currently under preparation and is expected to be open in late March 2018. A competitive high - end ribebo ambry | full house custom image store is about to enter the world.

Li bo is committed to create elegant life, insist on 100% original design concept, for many years in China's high-end ambry market have important position, and exports are exported to the americas, Europe, Australia, Africa, the Middle East and southeast Asia more than 10 countries and regions. With the arrival of "people's age", the whole house customization industry chain has set sail. Libo will bring elegant and fashionable home art experience to thousands of families.