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Liaocheng Libo Cabinet | Full House Customization Of The Year-end Promotion
- Dec 31, 2017 -

On December 24, 2017, liaocheng libo ambry | full house customization is coming. The event, which was carefully planned for more than half a month, officially detonated on Christmas Eve.

On the same day, the people in liaocheng crowded with people, and the staff not only prepared a large number of meals and drinks for customers to enjoy, but also answered every consultation with 100 percent enthusiasm. , liaocheng shop is opening new store less than a month, in operation headquarters under the teacher's training and support, to grasp the local civil servants village housing an opportunity, year-end promoting activities, targeted invite interested customers visit the shop, personal feeling li bo the ambry of high quality products and even the whole house.

This time, libo not only introduced preferential packages and discounts, but also provided excellent gifts and a lucky draw at the spot, so that customers could bring home a lot of benefits.