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What Is The Overall Cabinet Customization
- Jun 23, 2018 -

In the traditional marketing mode, furniture enterprises in order to pursue the maximum profit, through large-scale production to reduce the cost of products, once the market encountered a little uncertainty, this large-scale production of furniture due to the same reason will inevitably lead to unsalable or backlog, resulting in waste of resources. And the whole house furniture customization is based on consumer orders production, almost no inventory, accelerated capital turnover. Hangzhou Yi MIA furniture is a professional wine cabinet customized, the whole cabinet is customized, from design to production and installation as one of the furniture manufacturers. The following is a list of what is the overall cabinet customization.

The cabinet is also called "family kitchen furniture", "ambry", etc., and is a family civil facility in the family kitchen, which combines burning, washing, storage, oil absorption and so on. She was first introduced by the Japanese Lina cabinet company, the well on the well, the concept of all kinds of kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances in the modern kitchen. Physical carrier and art carrier of kitchen design thought, so she is the main body of modern integrated kitchen. In a sense, we can even equate the design of the whole kitchen to the design of the whole cabinet. The cabinet is composed of a hanging cabinet, a floor cabinet, a table top and all kinds of functional hardware fittings.