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How To Save The Whole Cabinet More Money
- Jun 23, 2018 -

The overall cabinet customization is composed of kitchen cabinet, electrical appliances, gas utensils, kitchen functional appliances and four in one kitchen cabinet combination. So call the whole cabinet.

The simple point is that the light buys the cupboard back is can not make the meal, the cupboard is a kitchen appliance cabinet, matches the cigarette machine, the kitchen utensil, the water basin, the pot and so on can cook, this is called the whole cabinet custom.

Today, we want to introduce how to save money for the overall cabinet customization.

1, repeated measurement of good size measurement. A set of overall cabinet customization, from the understanding of the product to the installation completion, at least one to three hours, size to be fine to reduce the trouble and cost in the later. The first size of the first size, that is, the size of the kitchen before the decoration, suggested that the owner, the decoration company and the cabinet design staff three parties present, and make full communication and communication.

2, the good cost of the cushioning guide is increased. The buffered guide rail customized by the whole cabinet can avoid the sound of the cabinet and drawer, and extend the service life of the cabinet to a certain extent. However, the price of the buffer guide should be calculated extra. If you want to save money, you do not need to install the buffer guide, as long as you use a mild push and pull.

3, the design of laminates is good enough. The higher the price is, the higher the price is, and the consumers can completely customize them. Designers in the kitchen to increase the overall kitchen cabinet high cabinet area, storage space immediately increase greatly, large volume of idle things scrupulously abide by it, can also realize the kitchen power embedded.

4, durable hardware accessories table is the key. Even if you want to reduce the overall cabinet budget, do not move on the hardware fittings and the table, good quality hardware accessories and table service life longer, and also reduce the number of repairs. For example, Piana's overall cabinet with good quality quartz stone countertops can resist the penetration and high temperature of the acid-base substances in the kitchen, durable and easy to use.

5, remove the low use rate of the product. Some accessories look beautiful and fashionable, but they are rarely used, which can be avoided. It is possible to use practical hooks, telescopic frames and other accessories with decorative and practical functions.

Therefore, the quality of the overall cabinet customized products, we must choose high-quality brand businesses.