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How About The Lacquer Cupboard Door
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Nowadays, more and more families are using the door panels of the paint cabinet, but many people do not know or know a little about the concept of baking varnish. It is not very clear to the advantage that the lacquer cupboard door board should have. The paint door plate is actually a kind of paint door plate. It is made by spraying paint on the door plate and then drying in the drying room. The material of the base material is more use of the density plate, and the whole process is made of melamine. Miscellaneous and processing time is long, so relative to other kinds of cabinet door plank its price is relatively high.

The advantages of baking paint cabinet door plate are: scratch resistance, high temperature resistance and high density.

Drawback of lacquer cabinet door panel

Because the production process of the paint door plate is more complex, so in the price mountain is also relatively high, not the general public can accept, and his appearance luster under long use, will become more and more dim, so the maintenance of it needs a certain heart, if the damage is necessary to replace the whole.

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