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The Acceptance Of The Table And Accessories Of The Cabinet
- Dec 24, 2017 -

The surface of the cabinet must be durable. A good cupboard, material, durability and abrasion resistance are all very important. When installing the cupboard, there will be some problems such as scraping the table, setting up the sink, having too many joints.

Don't belittle the accessories of the cabinet. Small accessories affect the connection and use of the whole cabinet. If the quality of the cabinet accessories is not installed properly, the durability of the cabinet will be greatly reduced.

  1. Check whether the handle is firm or not

    The installation of the hand is related to the durability of the use. The hand pulling is a common part of the cabinet. It is necessary to confirm the firm installation of the hand. The cabinet opening must also set aside enough space, if the cabinet open and door frame collision situation, which is not qualified.

  2. Check the firmware to be firm

    The hinges are the most important to be tested in the cupboard. It is not only to accurately Guiti and shutter link up to shutter alone bear the weight of the door and the need to maintain consistency are unchanged, or after a period of time, you may laugh, shoulder off angle. In addition, the slide rail also plays an important role. The installation of the fixed parts, such as hinges and slideways, should be checked emphatically when they are accepted.

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