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Such A Cabinet Should Not Be Bought
- Dec 24, 2017 -
  1. The first is the price is low, the price is very easy to not buy.

    Bargaining so easy, to think of it there is a problem for certain, some of the price of ambry special cheap, sometimes bargaining can even cut down thousands of yuan, actually such cabinets are mostly using a large number of qualitative material price is low, often be treasures outside its, defeat garrulous among them, consumers in such seemingly cheap must be careful.

  2. The second is not to buy a cabinet with a strong smell.

    Some cabinets in the purchase of drawers, open the door of the door to stimulate the smell of tears, such a situation shows that the cabinet of formaldehyde content is seriously exceeding the standard. This cabinet is very harmful to the body, and it is generally not recommended. If the cabinet is purchased because of the limit of conditions, it is best to reoccupy it for a period of time.

  3. The third thing that should be paid attention to is that the cabinet made of artificial board does not do all the edge treatment.

    The cabinet member who made use of wood-based panel processing on the edge is very strict restrictions, especially cabinets particleboard should be asked all the edge, so as to limit the harmful substances in artificial board release, but many manufacturers in order to save materials, only the local edge, so it is best not to buy cabinets.

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