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The Acceptance Of The Custom Cabinet Door
- Dec 24, 2017 -

The door panel of the custom cabinet is the key factor that affects the appearance of the whole cupboard. There are many styles and materials in the cabinet door panel. When installing the cabinet door panel, we should check the situation of the cabinet door panel, including the surface, material and installation effect.

  1. Door color number

    Be aware that the cabinet door plate is the same as the color number you had chosen, the material is the same, the surface should not be damaged, the overall color of the door plate needs to be consistent.

  2. Door planeness

    The door plate must be smooth, no bubble phenomenon, the edge shape is originally ordered; the edge of the door plate, the edge of the color is in accordance with the requirements of the order.

  3. Door panel appearance

    The installation of the cabinet door plate should correspond to each other, the height is the same, all the width of the middle seam should be the same; the pull hand should be in the same horizontal line, etc. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the handle and the door fan have such phenomena as scraping, damage and rust.

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