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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solid Wood Cabinets?
- Oct 27, 2017 -

Solid wood cabinet of the advantages: high-end beautiful, suitable for Chinese,

American and other furniture style placed in the appearance of high-grade atmosphere, the delicate texture will make the advantages of solid wood show the most vividly. Hard and durable. Relative to some of the composite wood or metal wood, solid wood cabinets for the cold and cold to adapt to the relatively strong ability, the winter will not feel and feel on the cold and not warm feeling.

Solid wood cabinet shortcomings: the use of solid wood cabinet is good, but its material relative to other building materials, the price will be high on a lot. And there is no fixed abrasive production to its assembly line, and the process is more complex, resulting in its price is higher than the ordinary cabinet. And for each of the door panels of the gap is not very easy to clean up, and the kitchen as a pyrotechnic heavy, its flame retardant is not very strong. Metal cabinets, pvc cabinets and other materials, relatively speaking cabinets, low prices, more material sources, and solid wood cabinets in addition to expensive, dry and resistant to moisture are far less than these materials.

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