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What Are The Advantages Of Custom Cabinets
- Oct 27, 2017 -

What are the advantages of custom cabinets?

1., the choice of substrate

The traditional hand-made furniture material selection for wood core plate, decorative panels, market wood core plate, decorative panels and other products are inferior in many levels, environmental protection, anti deformation standard is difficult. Tailored cabinet is the use of E0 class environmental protection melamine board, after the factory opened, edge, hole, assembled, refuse to use methanol containing high glue and paint, the clear lines, moisture-proof, anti deformation, wear resistance, high environmental protection.

2. making process

How to process a standard cabinet, the edge is extremely important, neither tight nor hand edge tidy, and factory production in terms of production greatly and improve the precision and process level work in the production cycle, but also greatly shorten the time, all the processes are coherent in factory. A short period of time will be able to complete the installation. Edge to ensure sealing of the deal, smooth lines, with a variety of convenient, stylish hardware, combined with Home Furnishing more humane idea, let the living space become more harmonious and comfortable.

3. price

As far as the market is concerned, the price of making materials and furniture is higher than that of the big brands and the whole cabinet manufacturers. Someone may ask, why is custom made cheaper than carpentry? Because the brand is used in the procurement of group purchasing, plus the factory mass production line, greatly reduce the cost of doing business, professional the whole cabinet is seeking, rather than a single high profits, so that custom than making cost-effective.

4. life

From the long service life, good custom than finished, finished with many materials or design is not in place, the pursuit of beautiful appearance, like some finished bookcase, wardrobe, use for a long time will the door off or plate deformation, if there is a customized experience designers will consider carefully in human engineering and mechanics! The cabinet is relatively strong.

5. space

Custom - made cabinets are custom - made on the spot. Make full use of the plane space of the site. Through technical innovation, high 108mm platform than the common market, the reduction of 40mm, the platform height is only 60mm platform, the success of "downsizing" not only increases the storage space of the cabinet body, improve the utilization of space, and trim after platform dignified in failure Qiao is slender, pretty and intelligent, decent and generous.

The biggest advantage of custom cabinet is to make full use of the available space and make the design more humanized. It can be designed according to the needs of subscribers, or drawer, or multi partition, and can also be added to any size of the basket, these advantages make its integrity and randomness higher. The thickness of the frame the whole cabinet from 8 mm to 10 mm range, increase the thickness of the card slot, ensuring its door can have a wide variety of styles, can be embedded Aluminum Alloy glass, patterned glass, with a mirror, a variety of styles, randomly selected.

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