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Detailed Selection Of Kitchen Cabinets (1)
- Sep 08, 2018 -

One, the invisible part of the kitchen.

In the process of choosing a kitchen, we often only look at its surface, and then ignore the inherent part of the kitchen, we call it the invisible part of the kitchen.

1. Plate

Whether the thickness of the cabinet panel material reaches 18MM or not, many companies use 16MM thickness as the cabinet, especially the thickness of the back panel may be less than 18MM thickness. Whether the environmental protection meets the European E1 standard or not, there are many companies in the market that define the plate standard according to the national standard or even pretend to be the European standard.

2, hanging cabinet code

The hanging cabinet is fixed on the wall, as the safety belt of the hanging cabinet, especially the safety belt of the automobile, it not only carries the weight of the hanging cabinet, but also carries the safety of our consumers, so the safety and aesthetic requirements of the hanging cabinet are higher, the general market is divided into ABS metal hangers, this is mainly exposed, there is a hidden one. Tibetan pendant, the latter is safer and more beautiful, so when we buy, we should ask about the load bearing and aesthetics.

3, floor cabinet skirting line

Kick line is like a person's shoes, the whole market is more used wooden kick line, aluminum kick line, artificial stone kick line; most of the use of aluminum kick line, wooden kick line, after a period of time, the lower end of the cabinet is easy to "fat", because it is close to the ground, if the ground is very wet, then very much It may be bulging and moldy. Artificial stone skirting lines require extra cost, so aluminum skirting lines are widely used in China.

4, cabinet structure

Today's panel furniture are assembled by three-in-one connectors, hole coordination and precision will affect the structure of the cabinet cabinet solid. The general cabinet uses this kind of cabinet structure, but also better is to use wooden vertebra connection, so it will be more solid