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Common Sense Of Daily Cabinet Maintenance - Let The Kitchen Become Brighter And Cleaner
- Sep 08, 2018 -

1) knowledge of cabinet maintenance -- natural stone table maintenance

Larger pores on the surface are a characteristic of natural stone countertops, so if we find any stains or moisture in daily use, we should deal with them in a timely manner. In the daily cleaning and maintenance process, we can use clear water or colorless neutral mild cleaning solution to clean, if the choice of acidic or alkaline products, may cause damage to the table, so, if we do not have a good grasp of the acid and alkali, then cautious use.

Common sense of daily cabinet maintenance - let the kitchen become brighter and cleaner

2) knowledge of cabinet maintenance -- stainless steel table maintenance

Metallic countertops are easy to clean, and they are durable. Usually, it's OK to use a soft cloth for cleaning, but the soft cloth must be kept clean and wiped along the direction of the wool on the stainless steel surface to avoid scratching.

Use detergent dilution wipe, also pay attention to the use of dry cloth treatment, this is to avoid leaving water marks, affect the beauty of the cabinet.

3) knowledge of cabinet maintenance -- solid wood or solid wood skin door plank maintenance

All natural materials, which are unsuitable for extreme environments, can cause damage to wooden doors if they are too dry or too wet. Ordinary wooden doors are sold to us after special treatment, we can use wet leather cloth for cleaning, then dry leather cloth wipe.

Common sense of daily cabinet maintenance - let the kitchen become brighter and cleaner

4) knowledge of cabinet maintenance -- maintenance of paint door panels

For the cleaning of paint door panels, we only need to use a clean wet cloth to wipe it, and then use a relatively soft and clean cloth to dry it, so as to avoid leaving water marks, resulting in unsightly surface. If the detergent must be used, we'd better use the manufacturer's original cleaning product, and then wipe it with a wet cloth and dry it with a clean cloth.

5) maintenance knowledge of cabinet -- maintenance of metal products

The ideal cleaning method is to dry the surface of the metal because the water evaporates and forms scales on the surface of the metal. Remember: when wiping, do not use too much force, with a wet sponge and soft cloth to dry, so that metal products keep clean and clean.

Above is the cabinet maintenance common sense, cabinets in daily life will certainly wear and tear, so in order to keep the cabinet more life, we must understand the maintenance of these cabinets knowledge, so that the kitchen can become more bright and clean.