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Autumn Kitchen Smart Maintenance - Seven Tips To Make Your Kitchen Appliances More Durable.
- Sep 08, 2018 -

1, the maintenance principle of kitchen utensils

Basically, the cabinet itself has basic moisture-proof treatment, but still can not be directly or long-term flushing against the cabinet, in order to avoid dampness and damage to the board, so the cabinet surface stained with water, should also be immediately wiped with a dry rag. Daily cleaning can be wiped with a slightly wet dishcloth, if it is difficult to wipe, can be used kitchen grease detergent and vegetable melon cloth light brush. Periodic maintenance and disinfection can be used bleached water and water 1:1 diluent wipe, pots, dishes and other objects as far as possible after wiping into the cabinet, while avoiding sharp objects directly scratched surface, do not use steel brush. Switch door plate should not be too hard or exceed the opening angle (110 degrees), hinges and other metal parts, to avoid long-term accumulation of water stains.

2. Daily maintenance of the kitchen counter.

Cleaning and maintenance of the counter, the general cleaning can be wet cloth, if there are spots can be cleaned with kitchen oil cleaner, if the fog table, you can use detergent and 3M melon cloth (yellow), can be gently wiped in a circular way, the same method can be applied to cigarette burning. In addition, special care should be taken not to allow rough chemicals, such as dye peeling agent, rosin oil, acetone, etc. to contact the table directly, or to put the hot pot directly on the table, these actions will damage the table surface, so should be placed on the table insulation pad to avoid this situation. Although the table is easy to repair, but there are still some operational considerations, such as when cutting things should be prepared cutting board, do not cut food directly on the table, and finally should prevent all kinds of damage, so that the kitchen utensils are always new.

3. Cleaning and maintenance of gas cooker

Daily use should be immediately after the kitchen oil cleaning agent wipe the table, so as to avoid long-term accumulation of dirt, cleaning difficulties in the future. Weekly wipe the induction rod clean, and regularly wipe away the furnace mouth carbide with wire brush, and puncture the hole. When the gas stove fire or red fire, should be properly adjusted gas air regulator, so as to avoid gas leakage, but also to regularly check whether the gas rubber pipe loose, crack or leakage. In addition, the distance between the gas stove and the window is at least 30 centimeters or more to avoid blowing out the stove fire, while the safe distance between the gas stove and the hanger and the lampblack remover is 60-75 centimeters.

4. Fume exhauster.

In maintenance or repair, the plugs should be removed first so as not to be electrocuted. The best maintenance method is to wipe the body shell with dry cloth and kitchen oil-stained detergent after daily use. When the oil collecting pan or oil cup reaches eight points full, it should be poured out immediately to avoid overflow. At the same time, the fan blades and inner walls should be cleaned regularly with kitchen oil-stained detergent, and the oil net should be used every half month to remove oil-stained detergent from the kitchen. Soak and clean once, as for the switch and oil cup inner layer easy to accumulate oil, can be covered with plastic film for future cleaning, as long as the direct switch can be replaced.

5, other kitchen accessories maintenance

Generally kitchen accessories are electroplated outside, so daily maintenance can be wiped with a wet rag; if stainless steel material produced rust spots, can buy stainless steel maintenance liquid wipe, so it will restore the original bright appearance. In addition, to put in the cabinet pots and utensils, should first wipe or dry, to avoid droplets directly contact the hardware cabinet kitchen, so that can extend the life of the hardware.

6. Cleaning of tiles

The toilet paper or paper towel can be pasted on the tiles, and then sprayed kitchen grease detergent placed for a while, the detergent will not drip everywhere, and the grease will all float up. Wipe the tissue paper and wipe it one or two times with clean cloth.

7. Cleaning of flume

The kitchen sink's water seal is the easiest place to hide dirt. After washing dishes every day, you can get rid of the trouble of kitchen dirt removal by cleaning this area thoroughly.