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The Whole Cabinet
- Aug 25, 2018 -

The whole cabinet [1], also known as "the whole kitchen", refers to the cabinet combination composed of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances and kitchen functional appliances. Its characteristic is to combine cabinet with operating table, kitchen electrical appliances and various functional parts organically, and according to the structure, area of the kitchen in the consumer's home and the individual needs of the family members, through the overall configuration, overall design, overall construction, and finally form a complete set of products; to achieve the integration of each kitchen work process. Body coordination, and create a good family atmosphere, a strong breath of life.

Cabinet: according to the space structure, including the hanging cabinet, the floor cabinet, the decorative cabinet, the middle height cabinet and so on.

Cupboard door: the choice is bigger, according to the material composition, including wooden door, aluminum alloy door, rolling door and so on.

Decorative panels: including clapboard, roof, top plate, back wall decoration, etc.

Mesa: including man-made stone, fire-proof board, man-made quartz stone, stainless steel mesa, natural stone mesa, fine stone plate, etc.

Feet: including floor feet, adjusting the foundation and connecting parts. The adjustment foot is usually made of plastic and aluminum alloy feet.

Hardware accessories: door hinge, guideway, handle, lifting code, other structural accessories, decorative accessories, etc.

Functional accessories: including star basin (man-made stone basin and stainless steel basin), tap, water dispenser, soap tank, all kinds of pulling basket, rack, shelf, rice box, trash can, etc.

Lamps and lanterns: laminate lamp, ceiling lamp, all kinds of built-in, external cabinet lamp.