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Detailed Kitchen Cabinet Selection Method (2)
- Sep 08, 2018 -

Two. Look at the table.

At present, there are more artificial stone mesa, quartz stone countertops, natural stone mesa and so on.

1, artificial stone Mesa

The market is divided into resin board - calcium powder board mesa, the market price is 150 - 300 yuan; composite acrylic board, the market price is 350 - 780 yuan; pure acrylic board, the market price is more than 1000 yuan. The biggest advantage of artificial stone is that it is easy to shape in cutting process. And there is no trace of the sideline.

Acrylic synthetic stone mesa is the most widely used material in cabinets. Among them, acrylic content is 8%-40%. The content of this kind of products made in China will not exceed 20%. There is also a kind of cheap artificial stone whose base material is unsaturated resin material. This kind of product is the cheapest on the market, and its quality is poor, it is easy to penetrate, and there will be a lot of dust when cutting and polishing. . The best thing to do on artificial stone mesa is the United States DuPont Kelly. In the kitchen, it is necessary to maintain the kitchen.

2. Quartz stone countertops.

Quartz stone quartz content as high as 94%, quartz crystal is the hardness of natural minerals second only to diamonds, its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 Mohrenheit hardness, far greater than the kitchen in the use of knives and shovels and other sharp tools, will not be scratched by it, of course, because of high hardness, quartz stone often appear in the joint line. The use of more casual, maintenance requirements are not very high, so the kitchen use quartz stone table in the maintenance of more convenient than man-made stone.

3, natural stone Mesa

Natural stones are weathered for tens of thousands of years. Some materials may be radioactive and emit toxic gases. They do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. Without special process treatment, they may cause harm to human body. Therefore, it is better to do radiation test when choosing.