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Detailed Kitchen Cabinet Selection Method (3)
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Three, baking paint door

The substrate of the baking varnish is a density board, and the surface is baked by a multi-layer spray baking imported paint and baked at high temperature. There are many brands of baking paint on the market, many companies are called automotive metal paint, because it is baked on the metal layer of our car a paint, baking paint brands on the market also emerge in endlessly, generally heard more is: the United States DuPont baking paint (for BMW Mercedes-Benz), the Netherlands Aksu paint (for and medium cars), steel. Lacquer (for lacquer on the piano), furniture lacquer, etc.

Most manufacturers use most of the former two. Many companies call him automotive metal paint, because it is baked on our automotive metal coating, environmental protection to the lowest formaldehyde content in the industry; extremely rich colors, personalized customization options, as long as it is available colors can be adjusted; durability, to ensure that five years without color change; adhesion; Strong, not easy to fall off; plumpness, gloss, flatness is good; the proportion of hardness and toughness is appropriate. Both market prices are relatively high, there are some domestic DuPont paint on the market to impersonate imported DuPont. When we buy, we should pay special attention to the baking paint.

A few manufacturers choose to use the other two baking paints, but the drawback of furniture paint is that the color is not rich, can choose Limited furniture paint light color yellow deterioration, especially white, it is easy to yellowing, furniture paint hardness is 3-3.5H, poor toughness; the advantage is that furniture paint is developed for wood materials, so waterproof performance Better; however, the advantages of piano paint are high cost, high brightness, suitable for high-end customers, the disadvantage is extremely high hardness, so poor toughness, poor adhesion, easy to drop paint in each other's collision. The waterproof paint for piano lacquer is not good.

(Note: Many cabinets on the market say they use piano paint, but in fact it is only a kind of self-hype, because such a high cost is not suitable for the Chinese market, and the hardness is so high, also not suitable for kitchen materials)