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Congratulations To Ribo Kitchen Cabinet | Full House Customization Successfully Signed In Shandong Shouguang City
- Dec 31, 2017 -

Liu, a dealer, has been running a furniture brand in weifang for many years. He has a strong network of contacts, and started acting as a well-known brand in shouguang city three years ago, which is quite familiar with the local market. When the whole house custom is more and more attention, liu saw li bo ambry | whole house will weifang shop popular sentiment, reason to visit li bo headquarters in detail, are deeply attracted by li bo the originality of human spirit. The fashion design, meticulous craft, advanced management system and excellent service have all made liu sure that libo is not wrong. After the decision to join, liu is always at the core of the local mainstream store, and plans to expand next year. The store is now under the preparation of the tight decoration and is expected to enter the trial operation in March 2018. A competitive high - end libo ambry store is about to enter the world.