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At The End Of The Year, Yangquan Libo Cabinet, | Full House Customization And Promotion
- Jan 06, 2018 -

On December 25, yangquan libo ambry | full house customized to the local well-known home decoration building materials brand to hold the "year-end grand gift" brand alliance activities successfully received the official. Activity obtained the melt is international furniture expo center support and active participation in the brands, brands in the day with their discount package and ultra-low discount to give back to the general public yangquan, abundant lottery, full reduction and golden eggs activities, the sentiment on the roof.

Libo ambry | full house customization in the early customer invitation process, tightly grasp the local decoration small peak season, through the system analysis to the intended customer, the establishment of the targeted pressure plan. With a one-to-one professional service, customers get unexpected satisfaction. At present, li bo depending on the style is various, fully functional cabinet products won wide recognition in the local market, then chest, bookcase, tatami, such as whole house products, effectively improve the local order single value. During the activity, libo received 25 orders and a turnover of over 800,000.

Li bo ambry | whole house custom wisdom made from high quality ambry, after more than 10 years of heritage and development, product range covers cabinets, wardrobe, bookcase, tatami, such as whole house custom series, and in the market demand is more and more severe today good into the consumer life. As a high-end brand in the field of ambry, li bo has full access to whole house custom, believe that a new set sail after li bo will put more elegant, fashionable, quality, environmental space art experience to consumers.

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