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Ribo Cabinet | Full House Custom Design Training Conference (hebei Station) Successfully Concluded
- Dec 31, 2017 -

"Libo cabinet | full house custom design training conference (hebei station)" has been successfully concluded in yongqing county, langfang city. This training lasts for two days, and is a lecturer by cui jianping of libo household design department, which attracts the enthusiasm of all libo terminal designers in hebei province.

The training will include the basic knowledge of the industry, process explanation, installation, order standard procedure, standard drawing specification, CAD and other cartographic software learning and round software. Each designer maintains a high level of learning attitude and positive interaction. Cui's questions are answered carefully by the students, and the atmosphere is very lively.

Facing the current competitive market environment, how to customize the industry application of perfect products in consumers' home, design and production in line with the consumer tastes and personality, satisfy consumers use comfort of home products, is the foundation of a brand truly impress consumers.