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Slide Rails
- Apr 13, 2017 -

(1) Features

In the naked eye can not see the inside of the slide, is its bearing structure, this part is directly related to its load-bearing capacity. The market is both steel ball slide, there are silicon wheel slide. The former through the rolling of the ball, automatically remove the dust and dirt on the slide, so as to ensure that the slide clean, not because of dirt into the internal impact of its sliding function. At the same time the ball can make the force spread to the surrounding, to ensure that the drawer horizontal and vertical stability. Silicone rails in the long-term use, friction generated debris in the snow-like, and by rolling can also be brought up, the same will not affect the drawer sliding freely.

(2) choose

The drawer is an indispensable part of the kitchen equipment, and the whole drawer in the design, the most important accessories are slides, due to the special environment of the kitchen, low-quality rails even if the short term feel good, slightly longer will find push Difficult phenomenon. When you choose, you can draw the drawer completely, from the bottom can clearly see its structure and its contact with the slide part of the specific structure, but also can observe the thickness of the drawer side plate.

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