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Cabinet Cabinet
- Apr 13, 2017 -

1, veneer: plywood of the substrate is generally particleboard or MDF, high temperature, hard texture, pressure, Naisuan Jian, most of the cabinet cabinet with a panel.

2, stainless steel plate: stainless steel plate high temperature, anti-acid, a pipe can not open the hole, color chilled, easy to filthy gap.

3, choose: consumers choose cabinets, the first look at the material and hardware, the material is the main factor affecting the quality of the cabinet, the final result of different materials, the quality of the results are different, the quality of hardware also directly affect the life of the cabinet. Second, the cabinet work is equally important, the purchase of countertops to check the cabinet, doors, cabinets and seals, etc. by the machine die processing, such products will not open long-term use of plastic, blistering and deformation, Yan easily lead to fumes, dust, insects into the. At the same time, also asked whether the cabinet production is artificial or assembly line. In general, handmade or semi-mechanized production of product quality is unstable, fully automated production line to ensure the quality of the cabinet. Although the drawer slide is very small details, but also affect the quality of the cabinet an important part, because if the hole and the size of the plate error, the slide can not be properly installed, will cause the drawer pull is not smooth or loose situation. In addition to materials and workmanship, the need to pay attention to after-sales service, consumers in the order when the cabinet to the business to ask the warranty situation, the general brand-name products are relatively guaranteed.

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