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Detailed Kitchen Cabinet Selection Method (5)
- Sep 10, 2018 -

Five, hardware draw rail

Drawers on the market are divided into damping drawer and steel drawer, good drawer load bearing is better, generally can withstand 50 kg, damping has a single buffer and double buffer (double buffer riding drawer), double buffer concept is closed when the buffer.

(steel drawer)

The steel plate is made of zinc alloy, which makes the products have good mechanical properties, wear resistance, oxidation resistance and embroidery resistance. The smooth adjusting range is not less than 3mm, which improves the adjustment space of the drawer front panel.

At present, single cushion is used more, the surface layer of the genuine guide is electrostatic spraying, and the luster is uniform; the selected material is thick, and the bearing capacity is strong; the wheel is made of nylon material, strong, durable, and low noise; the guide rail runs smoothly without adding any lubricant; the installation is simple and fast; the use of 100,000 times does not deform. The fake and inferior guideways have rough surface treatment, obvious color difference and poor smoothness; the materials used for jerry-building and cutting, thin track wall, poor bearing capacity; poor wheel material, easy to break, unstable rotation, high noise; short service life. Imported products have high load capacity, smooth slide and self closing or even buffering function.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, double buffers are more and more used in the market. Grasshoper of Poland took the lead in the market in 2007 with variable damping technology and anti-damping technology. He can protect objects in drawers better.