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Classification And Characteristics Of Basin Body
- Apr 24, 2017 -

1, ceramic pots, basin body is relatively easy to clean.

2, glass pots, easy to be soapy water attached difficult to clean.

3, stainless steel pots, water sound larger.

4, microcrystalline stone basin, easy to scratch hard objects! But can be polished to recover.

Sort by way of placement

1, hanging: hanging requirements of the wall is a load-bearing walls or solid brick wall, this bathroom cabinet under the easy to take care of toilet health, there is no health dead. In addition can effectively prevent the moisture extended to the inside of the cabinet. Insulation walls and lightweight partitions can not be fitted with such products.

2, floor type: floor cabinet and the difference is not big, that is, do not pick the wall, but the cabinet is not good to take care of health, there is the cabinet is easy to moisture