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Bathroom Cabinet Maintenance Knowledge (1)
- Apr 24, 2017 -

1, bathroom cabinet in the handling, should be light lift light, do not pull hard; placed, the ground uneven, should be leg mat real;

2, do not put the sun in the bathroom cabinet, do not put too much in a dry place, placed in a suitable ventilation;

3, the bathroom cabinet has cracks, and can be used after mixing paint and paint into the plug to keep a long time is not bad, but the putties and pigments and raw pigment color to be consistent, so as not to leave scars;

A burning marks: fireworks in the bathroom cabinet left the scorch marks, if the paint charred, can be wrapped in a layer of fine lines on the toothpick hard cloth, gently wipe traces, and then coated with a layer of vinegar, You can eliminate.

B hot marks: bathroom cabinet left white hot marks, generally as long as the use of alcohol, toilet water, kerosene wet cloth can be wiped.

C water stains: covered with a damp cloth in the bathroom cabinet on the mark, with electric iron brakes carefully press the damp cloth, marks can disappear.

D abrasions: bathroom cabinet paint abrasions, not touching the wood under the paint, can be the same cabinet with the same color crayons or pigments, in the cabinet of the wound to cover the exposed background, and then transparent nail polish coated with a thin Layer can be.