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The Overall Furniture Customization Is: Custom Furniture? Or Custom Space?
- Jun 23, 2018 -

What we need is not just a custom cabinet but a custom space for nearly two years to be the high-speed development of custom furniture, and almost all newly decorated families will consider buying a custom wardrobe. Because custom furniture is more "responsive", according to the size of the space to suit local conditions.

Indeed, the custom furniture has a better advantage in the collection. However, if you feel that you have made customized furniture, the space will be more practical. Everyone's living habits are different. Simple custom cabinets may not meet the needs of daily life. Similarly, even if it is not customized, it can make the home easy to use. Because what you need to customize is not the wardrobe, but the space!

Changing thinking: Customizing space rather than cabinet

In our fixed thinking, better accommodating is often equivalent to customizing furniture. Especially for small and medium-sized apartments, the housing pattern is too small, it is more necessary to customize furniture to make use of space. Space storage needs cabinet, but many cabinets do not make good use. In the consideration of space design, it should not be the first to consider what kind of cabinet, but first to know what to need and what to do? In the final analysis, we need a good space, not a specific furniture product.

For example, if a woman usually has a lot of dresses and long skirts, then the closet space can slightly increase the space; men's trousers are many, it is necessary to increase the pylon of trousers, which is convenient for daily life. In the same way, what are the objects, souvenirs, ornaments, books, books? And what are the items in the home that are often used, occasionally used and not commonly used, and where they want to be placed. After considering these needs, decide again what kind of cabinet is needed and how to store it. Sometimes a heavy custom cabinet can be replaced by a flexible finished wardrobe, laminate, and accessories. It may be more convenient to use than a custom wardrobe.

Accessories are far more important than large frames

Whether it is custom made wardrobe or finished wardrobe, the realization of cabinet function is not a bulky frame, but an internal accessory. When many people customize wardrobes, they seldom consider what accessories and accessories they need to match. Some people may think that the accessories in the custom brand store are too expensive. As a matter of fact, the convenience and convenience of life are often reflected on these accessories. Therefore, when considering the allocation of wardrobe for space, it is better to consider more internal accessories or more budget to tilt parts.

For example, if you have a lot of accessories and accessories, you may need to add a hanger after the wardrobe door, used for placing silk scarves, neckties and so on; earrings, necklaces, rings and other accessories, and can also put a jewellery box above the drawer. The basket.