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The Design Of The Cabinet Should Pay Attention To The Size
- Jan 07, 2018 -

1. must communicate with the customer in detail, understand the customer's detailed requirements for the kitchen equipment, list the design of the door style and electrical accessories. Configuration: such as table, door, kitchen body, handle, removal etc. as far as possible consistent with the exhibition model.

2. pay special attention to the kitchen equipment process, reasonable preparation, cleaning, do chopping, cooking, dishes, dishes (such as dishwashers to swing at the sink).

3. in accordance with the principle that the triangular design of kitchen, refrigerator, sink, 3300mm is less than or equal to the size of the gas stove and less than 6600mm for the use of design scheme of the most convenient. We should pay attention to the collocation of the color, and consider the color of the wall and the ground material as far as possible.

4., design drawings including effect diagram, elevation, plane frame and table plan are indispensable. The information volume of the map should fully meet the needs of customer decoration and factory production and installation requirements, such as the upper part, the lower turn, the stigma, the sealing pipe and so on.

5. removing and pay special attention to the chimney type exhaust pipe shall pass from the ceiling, is located in the central power kitchen ventilator (height of about 2.1m), and head neck in principle cannot design plate.

6. gas switch, power supply and standby power outlet should be marked on the elevation map and must avoid the oven, gas stove and other accessories. When there is a basket in the cabinet, the height of the switch is controlled at about 700mm, and the height of the standby power outlet is 1100mm.

7. embedded oven, disinfection cabinet inside diameter is chaotic, some hand prominent, some screw head prominent, width design of the cabinet should pay more attention to avoid mistakes.

8. packs of pipe materials preferred for ceramic tiles, followed by artificial stone material or kitchen body material.

Don't try to design 9. universal shelf in the corner, really need to design at the corner, blind plate width should be greater than or equal to 50mm.

10. Diaogui depth as not more than 450mm, according to the special case of non box body processing.

1. Z1, Z2 door type can not be installed three pull the basket, universal rack and other accessories.

12. Z3 door type three pumping to do high 8mm, the best to do double pumping.

The 13. back plate shrinkage standard limit 50mm needs to shrink more than 50mm with a box with a depth of 510mm.

14. lockers try to avoid the design of the corner cabinet as far as possible.

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