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Cabinet Functional Division: Detail Design
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Garb area:

Between the sink and stove absolute need to maintain a distance of 80 mm, 100 mm better; this is the center point of the kitchen, fish, meat and vegetables are ready here, for cooking and seasoning should be placed in a handy place; from the view of safety, should not be installed directly in the drawer around the stove, children they will pull out the drawers do ladder to climb up high, it will run into hot soup pot and injured.

Scrubbing area:

The combination of the most common flume and the sewerage cabinet is that the two tanks are 340 millimeters and 293 millimeters wide, respectively, on a low cabinet of 800 millimeter wide.


And should water immediately is kept full, seasoning box, glass plate and closet bowl; store vegetable and other utensils of the closet; storage box drawer cookware forks and knives; storage decontamination powder, detergent and other chemical cleaning agents in the cabinet under the sink, here is the trash inside the best placement. Because the children can open the cabinet, the locker that can be locked is a wise choice.

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