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Cabinets Are Classified In Shape
- Dec 21, 2017 -
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    The choice of a font cabinet means that the kitchen area is limited, the cabinet also lacks the flexibility after the corner and the convenience of the enclosure. Imagine that when you operate in the kitchen, it is from one end to the other, without the leeway. So this type of cupboard brings out a sense of openness and saves space, but it also needs to be carefully arranged in the reception and operation.

    The L cabinet is more closed than the one and the U cabinet, so it is very important to set up an independent lighting. The operating table lighting must be bright, otherwise it will affect the It goes without saying that, cooking; also can be arranged in the cabinet above several lamps, increasing the brightness at the same time, more beautiful display kitchen. You can try to hang up three lights above the bar, and look at it from the restaurant, it can play the role of blocking the line of sight. The top, the top and the ground are transparent before and after, and create excellent visual effects through the height drop.

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    The kitchen based on it has a high demand for the active area and requires a large area. The shape of the cabinet because of the strong need of its function are well controlled in the space, the best way is to set the function space of several independent operating platform, storage area, bar, restaurant, the space arrangement should take care of the living habits, also want to consider the functional characteristics of each space, so this arrangement will allow U shaped kitchen looks reasonable and orderly.

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