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Cabinet Cleaning And Maintenance Of Small Knowledge
- Jan 07, 2018 -

Cabinet maintenance: avoid high temperature, boiling water, or cooking pot. Don't just put the kitchen counter on top of the kitchen counter. Cover can make ambry mesa deform or change its color. Pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the cabinet surface. Try to clean the dirt left on solid wood cabinets the same day. It is best to make a maintenance of wood cabinet every half a month or so: wash and wax, to keep the color long bright. Avoid hard scratches. When cleaning, do not make clean tool touch cabinets, at ordinary times should pay attention to, don't let the noise of hard metals or other sharp object collision furniture, to protect its surface appear bruising marks. We pay attention to the indoor temperature difference in the use of ambry, should avoid ambry placed near the source of heat or air conditioning tuyere, humidity, kitchen should be paid attention to during the winter rainy season to avoid excess water evaporation to increase the indoor humidity.

The drawer can be cleaned with any neutral detergent, but be careful that when all the drawers are pulled out, do not push too hard. When the door is open, don't hit the door plate hard to prevent damage to the hinge. When cleaning the cabinet, if there is liquid dripping onto the hinge, apply dry cloth to clean. Handle daily cleaning with water or neutral detergent, but do not use steel wool for frosting. When the cutlery is not fully dry, do not put in the wooden pantry, otherwise it may leave a water mark on it, and bring health risks.

Ambry cleaning method: ambry surface is very smooth, don't use a very hard thing to wash the ambry mesa, detergent cleaning is OK with dishcloth, ambry is, of course, not long-term with water. After the best use, use not swab clean, air dry.

In furniture use medium ambry also is to use most frequently, need to do daily clean, keep cabinet cleanness, make home more beautiful.


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