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Cabinet Acrylic Board Or Baking Board Is Good?
- Jul 14, 2017 -

Cabinet acrylic board or baking board is good?

Many customers in the purchase of cabinets, will care about the cabinet plate problem, many people will consider the cabinet with acrylic plate or paint plate, then the cabinet with acrylic plate or paint board is good?

1. what is acrylic board?

As the name suggests is the use of acrylic and acrylic plate as the main raw materials, acrylic is a chemical raw material, and the acrylic plate is the use of this raw materials produced in the manufacturing of acrylic board, due to environmental safety and durable is widely suitable for cabinets, bathroom cabinets and other furniture products.

Advantages and disadvantages of acrylic board

Acrylic plate plasticity, and easily processed into a variety of products

Acrylic plate has a long service life and can be longer than 3 years compared with other products made of other materials

Acrylic board cleaning is very convenient, the surface has stains, only need to use, wipe gently with a cloth, clean

Acrylic board color is gorgeous, high brightness, it makes people very comfortable

Acrylic hardness is slightly worse, and can not collide with hard objects, acrylic is not too refractory, can not be a long time and direct contact with high temperature.

2. what is paint board?

Paint plate is in density board as substrate surface after several road paint, drying, polishing and other processes into the cabinet board, have a bright and easy to clean out the characteristics, so it is very suitable for use in the kitchen environment. Paint board according to the spraying material is different, can also be divided into UV paint, metal paint, piano paint and ordinary paint these.

Advantages and disadvantages of paint panel

The paint board surface is smooth, and the film is full and glossy. In the backlight to observe the surface will not have uneven phenomenon

Paint board color is bright, choose a variety of, you can have a variety of collocation, such as color interphase, meet customer needs

Paint plate surface is like a mirror light, a light effect on the increase of the kitchen space

Paint board substrate and spray paint are environmentally friendly, and with high temperature baking, harmful substances will have almost the same, the door does not smell smell.

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