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What Are The Quality Problems Of The Cabinet
- Jul 28, 2018 -

The cabinet is also called the family kitchen furniture and the ambry. It is a household civil facility in the family kitchen, which combines burning, washing, storage, oil absorption and so on. The common quality problems are as follows:

1. seal edge: and the workshop type small factory is to use the brush to glue, manually press the edge, use the castor knife to repair the edge, use the manual polishing machine to polish, because the glue is not uniform, so the production? The edge is uneven, the line waves undulates, and even the edge has the rowing feeling, because the pressure is uneven, many places are not firm and easy. In a short time, there is a phenomenon of opening and falling off in a short time. Once the sealing edge falls off, there will be water and expansion, and a large number of toxic gases such as formaldehyde volatilize into the air, causing harm to the human body.

2. punch: manual small factories use rows of drills, or even pistol drills. Because of the different positioning datum and the larger size error in the positioning, the accuracy error of the hole position is very large. In the combination process of the box, even the hole position is not up, so the size error of the box is large, it is not a very regular cube, but torsional.

3. cutting board: manual workshop type small factory with small manual cutting saw, even with carpenter's cutting saw a simple operation table, with this simple equipment out of the plate size error, often more than 1 millimeters, and often appear the phenomenon of stubble, that is to say, plate substrate exposure outside.

4. door plank: the door plank produced by small factory is not easy to be dampened due to improper handling of substrate and surface technology.

5. assembly effect: small factory production combination of cabinet, door panel will appear unevenly, uneven gap, large and small, so the door is not on a plane.

6. drawer sliding rail: although it is very small details, it is an important part of the quality of the cabinet. Due to the error in the size of the hole and the size of the plate, there is an error in the size of the installation of the slide rail, resulting in the drawback of the drawer being not smooth or loose. Also pay attention to whether the gap in the drawer is uniform.