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5 Tips To Hire The Best Kitchen Island Contractor
- Feb 06, 2019 -

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A kitchen island can help make the home a comfortable and ideal living space.

A spacious and practical kitchen can make all the difference in a home. It can help increase home value and make it very appealing for occupants.  One way to accomplish this is with a modern kitchen island that incorporates style and convienance.  Once you've decided on a island design that fits your needs then it's time to contact remodeling contractors that can help build your vision or install the kitchen island you've purchased.

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Before hiring any contractor to work in your home, it's best to do some research about the companies you are looking at to make sure you hire the right one for the job.  Below are 5 tips that can help you hire the right kichen island contractor.

Hiring Tip 1: Get at least 3 quotes

It's always best to contact more than one contractor and get several quotes to gauge exactly where the project value lies.  Try to find at least one high-end, middle, and low range prices to get an idea of the cost spectrum that you might be looking at for your kitchen island.

One contractor may see things one way, where another might have some new techniques that can save money or make it more durable.  It's always best to ask questions about the quotes to get a sense of what items they are accounting for.  Ask about how long it will take and how many workers will be on site at any given time.

Depending on whether you are building a custom kitchen island or installing an existing island, getting all of the connections, electricity, and other appliances right is crucial to the cost.

Hiring Tip 2: Check their state license and insurace

All contractors are required to be licensed and insured.  You can check with your state's regulating industry to verify if the contractor is licensed in the state and if they are in good standing with the agency.

Be sure to make sure their paperwork is current and that they hire documented employees that are covered by worker's compensation.

Some kitchen islands or carts are pretty easy to install, and you might consider a local handyman to help install or build it, but if things go wrong you may end up paying more for it, or require permits that a contractor needs to submit either way.

Hiring Tip 3: Read reviews of previous kitchen island work

Don't take their word for it.  Always look at previous reviews of the company for work they have performed.  Especially look at reviews and photos of kitchen islands they have built or installed.

Ask to see photos if they have them available, or check their online profile to see if they provide any photos of the kitchen island they have done.  In some cases, folks that have provide a review of their work will include some pictures of the work performed and may even show a before and after photos of what the kitchen island looked like.

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Hiring Tip 4: Read the contract before signing

Don't sign anything without fully reading it first.  In case something goes wrong, the only document that can help you is the contract so it's best to understand what your rights and obligations are before getting into it. 

Kitchen island contractors want to protect themselves as much as they want to ensure they do a great job, but in some case the contract may be too favorable for the contractor or may not give the consumer what they need in case their is a dispute.  If you are not sure, you can always have an attorney look at the contract before signing it.

Hiring Tip 5: Good communication keeps things on track

Even early in the process, when you are just getting kitchen island quotes or looking into references, having good communicate is key to ensuring that the project stays on track and gets accomplished in a timely manner, within budget.

If the contractor doesn't get back to you, doesn't leave messages, or has a hard time making time to communicate, then that is a bad sign they are either too busy, or just don't care enough about your project to hire them.  Take note of their communication channels and if they have a reliable method for updating schedules, timelines, or deliveries.  If they do have efficient communication, then most likely your project will stay on track and get finished in the time frame that was arranged.

Never hire a contractor that doesn't have reliable communication or might go missing-in-action during the project because that could drive cost up and push the timeline back further.

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