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The Advantages Of Aluminum Cabinets
- Apr 13, 2017 -


Aluminum alloy cabinets are made of aluminum alloy inlaid crystal plate, aluminum alloy, ABS plastic parts, crystal plate are blisters are not bad information, so the aluminum alloy cabinet is provided for 50 years waterproof to ensure direct washing with water and soaking The

Fire protection

Aluminum cupboard cabinet has a strong heat resistance, the test showed that the temperature can withstand 200 ℃ does not damage. Even if the whole point after the set on it, the long-term burning also without prejudice to its appearance, to overcome the usual plate can not afford to burn the defects.


Aluminum cabinets extremely hard, even if the termite no how to do

Resistant to impact

Aluminum cupboard cabinet has a strong impact resistance, the test proved to withstand 227g of the ball from the 3m drop does not damage the test, bending strength of 150Mpa.


Aluminum alloy cabinet appearance knife-edge loss, in normal conditions, the use of 50 years can be timeless.


Aluminum alloy cupboard from the aluminum alloy, crystal steel, engineering plastics in a clean environment from processing, no smell of goods.