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What Are The Environmental Protection Cabinets Made Of Melamine Boards?
- Jul 22, 2017 -

What are the environmental protection cabinets made of melamine boards?

Melamine board is light, mildew proof, fireproof, heat resistant, earthquake resistant, easy to clean and renewable. It conforms to the established policy of saving energy and reducing consumption and protecting ecology, so people in the trade also call it eco board. In addition to solid wood furniture, all kinds of high-grade plate furniture are melamine board participation. Adding melamine plate in the whole wardrobe in the high-end can effectively prevent the pollution of the environment problem is used as a preservative formaldehyde and urea formaldehyde resin caused by another melamine board can replace wooden plate, aluminum plate made of mirror, high wear resistance, anti-static, relief, metal finishes.

Melamine board, referred to as "three cyanogen board", is paved on particleboard, moisture-proof board, middle density fiberboard or hard fibreboard surface, and the decorative board is pressed by hot pressing. In the production process, usually by the combination of several layers of paper, the amount depends on the number of purposes.

MDF performs better than the latter. The inner structure of the MDF is even, the bonding force is larger than the shaving board, the deformation is small, the surface smoothness is good, and the nail holding capacity is strong. Therefore, the melamine board made of medium density board is more durable and can play the characteristics of panel furniture against assembly. Particleboard is relatively loose in texture and lower in cost.

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