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How To Make Your Cooking In Kitchen More Efficient?
- Dec 04, 2018 -

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A friend said: Cooking is like a fight. I made two dishes, because I came back and forth and ran around in the kitchen for almost an hour. I felt so tired! Do you have such troubles in your life? Why do others cook smoothly? 90% may be because your kitchen line is unreasonable...


What is the kitchen line? To put it simply, the kitchen line is the preparation of the cooking process before the meal to the table, the movement of the entire process in the kitchen. A reasonable kitchen line should be carried out in the following line: take the ingredients → process the ingredients ingredients for food cooking plate loading. That is to say, the washing area, the preparation area and the cooking area should be on a route with less foldback and short distance. This process should be coherent. If there are too many round trips, the distance will be too long, which will affect the efficiency of the kitchen and make people tired.