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- Jan 30, 2019 -

In the last couple of years, the popularity of solid timber vanities has exploded with at least a couple of vanities created at our workshop every week. The addition of timber to a bathroom adds such a sense of warmth and luxury to what is traditionally the starkest space in any home.

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Timber and water?

The most common concern that people have with a solid timber vanity is that the timber will be damaged by water. With the right finish however, solid timber is actually a more durable and long lasting material than the alternatives. Vanities are most commonly created from materials such as laminate, melamine or two pack coated timber veneer. The great thing about these materials is that as the outer layer is plastic, it is completely impenetrable to water. Once these surfaces are scratched however, the barrier is gone and water will quickly destroy the surface. This damage can be water staining, lifting of the finish or even the timber beginning to break down. With the natural oil and wax finish we use called Osmo, the water resistant oils are absorbed into the timber making the moisture protection deeper than just the surface.

The beauty of a custom made vanity

In my experience with our clients, whether they are renovating or building, freedom of choice is vital in creating the perfect bathroom. Having your timber vanity custom made ensures that it can be created to the exact measurements needed for your space, basin and tapware. If for example, the space you have available between two walls is 1378mm, your piece can be created to these exact measurements! With a well-considered design, storage space will be optimized to suit your unique needs whether it be shelves, drawers, cupboards or a combination. We have had clients measure their largest shampoo bottle so we can create the drawers at the perfect height!

Structural requirements for a floating vanity

The most popular timber vanity design these days is a floating vanity. There are a couple of structural matters than you will need to address with your builder in the planning stages of your build or reno in order to ensure your walls will be able to take the weight of the vanity. This may be just adding some noggins, or horizontal pieces of timber between your studs prior to plastering or in the case of a very large vanity, putting in some structural steel supports or a couple of nib walls.

The benefits of choosing a custom made solid timber vanity for your bathroom goes way beyond its luxurious and timeless aesthetic. As the surface is fixable, a solid timber vanity has a longevity that surpasses all other options making it a choice that is not only beautiful now but for many years to come.

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