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Aluminum Lightweight Or Favored Aluminum Industry New Growth Point
- Apr 13, 2017 -

Aluminum Lightweight Or Favored Aluminum Industry New Growth Point

With the real estate investment growth slowed significantly, industrial aluminum increased by the aluminum industry a high degree of concern.

Reporters yesterday from the 2016 China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition aluminum deep processing forum was informed that industrial aluminum applications in aluminum cabinets, home appliances, consumer electronics and commercial vehicles have been rapid heavy volume. And has not yet mass production of passenger cars, is accelerating the development of lightweight technology.

China Aluminum demand 80% in the field of real estate construction. Since 2014, China's real estate starts to plummet, doors and windows with aluminum and other needs shrinking. But many professionals believe that about 40% of developed countries for the aluminum industry, China's industrial aluminum market once opened, China's demand is expected to heavy volume.

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