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Customized Wooden Moist-proof Full House Cabinet

Continuing the essence of classical Americanism, it simplifies design elements to a minimum.

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Customized Wooden Moist-proof Full House Cabinet--LA CALIFORNIA

living room tv cabinet craft cabinet wholesale

TV Cabinet:

By using the design of wooden open craft cabinet, lift-up cabinet, 2 doors high base cabinet, drawer and so on, the display function and storage function of TV cabinet will be brought into full play.


Children's Room :

Children's room brings light pleasure to people with fresh colors.  The combination of bookcase and desk can meet the children's need to learn. And setting the bay window in the wardrobe not only makes good use of space , but also ensures the children's need for private space. 

children room house cabinet design safe and health
children room house cabinet design

Master Room:

The master bedroom, on the basis of nostalgia, caters to the current pursuit of a simple lifestyle, perfectly integrates the wooden wardrobe with the TV cabinet .

master bedroom american casual style

Bathroom Cabinet:

Mosit-proof bathroom cabinet, equipped with intelligent mirror, can satisfy the owner's real-time control of time, weather, temperature and other effective information in daily.  At the same time, the specially widened cabinet expands the storage space and makes the bathroom cabinet more practical.

bathroom cabinet  moist-proof melamine quartz worktop

Study Room:

The study meets the owner's display needs, and all kinds of old objects and books can be used as decoration for the study.  The bay window will be made into tatami to meet the needs of the host for relaxation and leisure after work.

study room wood veins chipboard cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet:

The overall wooden moist-proof kitchen cabinet design area is reasonable to meet various accommodation needs, and the embedded kitchen appliances effectively save indoor space.  And after matching with the small dining table, the kitchen perfectly presents an American - style casual attitude to life.

kitchen cabinet moist-proof melamine american style full house cabinet
dining room kitchen cabinet moist-proof melamine

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