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American Pastoral Style PVC Full House Cabinet Solution

Adhering to the traditional design concept of " people - oriented and respect for nature", Fontainebleau, a French garden style house work, creates a warm, simple life atmosphere through its straightforward expression of nature. With...

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American Pastoral Style PVC Full House Cabinet Solution--Jane Eyre

Design Concept:

Following the American spirit of freedom and openness, Jane Eyre, an American pastoral style PVC full house cabinet work, combines the outstanding elements of different styles, advocates " returning to nature", takes comfort and ease as its core, is not fussy and luxurious, creates a natural, simple and elegant space atmosphere, and is full of life interest.

aerial view plan white pvc american style full house solution


The rustic and practical American pastoral PVC shoe cabinet " Jane Eyre" integrates the upper cabinet, the lower cabinet and the floor cabinet, with its own extra large storage space.  Among them, the basement and tatami shoes and benches are combined into one, which is twice as intimate.

hallway shoes cabinet functional elegant cuostomizationshoes cabinet hallway white pvc full house solution


American pastoral style PVC wall cabinet integrates storage and viewing, and the glass door is full of flexibility and beauty. Basket of rattan put the cleaned melon and fruit in it, it is sanitary, ventilated, not easy to rot, showing the original ecology. The pull out basket can hold various bottles, jars and tableware, and it is very convenient to take them when cooking.

american pastoral syle pvc kitchen cabinet wholesalecane basket pastoral functional kitchen cabinets
pastoral white full house solution wholesaleside table cabinet simple concise full house customization

Living Room:

The extensive use of glass doors and open design gives TV cabinets the feature of placing equal emphasis on storage and display.  The simplified straight line outlines the shape, style and fashion, deeply showing the freshness and naturalness of the American countryside pastoral style.

living room cabinetwhite pvc laminate full house soulutionsliving room tv cabinet white pvc laminate full house soulution

Leisure Area:

The American Pastoral PVC high cabinets can store books, learning tools, entertainment supplies, etc. according to personal preferences.  Tatami is an excellent leisure area for parents and children. Playing chess and games after tea or meal let you feel the warmth of the family.

tatami functional concise panel pvc lacquered full house cabinettatami leisure time cabinets pvc membrane full house customization

Master Room:

There is no superfluous decoration, emphasis on practicality and functionality.  The TV cabinet combines a wall cabinet, a floor cabinet and a desktop, can be accommodated, displayed, and can be simply used for office work or makeup.  The space is clean and fresh as a whole, and full of warmth and romance,shows American pastoral style.

tv cabinet american simple concise style full house pvc board cabinet

tv cabinet american simple concise style full house pvc board


The U - shaped cabinet design has a powerful storage function, combined with laminated boards, clothes hanging, drawers, base cabinets and so on, and the whole space has outstanding functionality.  The pure white cabinet with retro handles perfectly creates a fresh and romantic atmosphere.

closet coatroom cloakroom elegant romantic full house cabinet customizationcloset coatroom cloakroom elegant romantic full house customization

Kids Room:

The bookcase by the window is lively in design, can display toys and bibliographies and can contain small objects, and the combined desk cabinet is practical and beautiful, creating a pure and lively private space for children.

kidsroom second room custom madefurniture full house solutionwardrobe white pvc membrane full house cabinet


American pastoral style bathroom cabinet Jane Eyre is pure and noble, with smooth lines , shows a pure pastoral temperament.

bathroom cabinet american nobel concise style full house cabinets wholesale

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