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Modern White Lacquered Kitchen Cabinet

Considering woman's favor, makes her enjoying in the kitchen, appears cordial feeling and warm space.Carving circular handles on doors.Fashion Door style: 20mm modern white High Gloss Lacquer...

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Product Details

Modern White Lacquered Kitchen Cabinet---Agean Sea

Design Concept

The modern white lacquered kitchen cabinet--Aegean Sea series, women's aesthetic and kitchen operation preferences are the creative ideas, adhering to the design concept of  enjoying cooking.  The design method breaks the traditional cabinet door panel modeling method and adopts the integrated modeling design of handle and door panel, which is natural and unique.  The large area of white door panel is adopted in color, make the whole product is pure and elegant, meanwhile matching with purple arc handle, let you fell fresh and vivid.


 handless kitchen cabinet  drawer insert intergrated handle white lacuquer kitchen cabinet

Functional Advantage

U Style Sink Basket: installed in the base cabinet under the sink to make full use of space.  The " concave" design effectively avoids the downspout of the sink.  Can store several kinds of washing products, such as detergent, hand sanitizer, soap, gloves and so on.

Cookhob Basket Base Cabinet : with water receiving tray, use for storing various dishes and utensils;  The storage space is abundant, and the arc-shaped lacquered base cabinet with 2  drawers is more fashionable and modern.

Wall Unit With Lift-up Door: using Blum lift-up lacquered door accessories, you can hover at will when opening the door, which can make open and close easy and give customers a smooth and comfortable feeling.  At the same time, the support is easy to install and disassemble ,convenient for later maintenance and cleaning.

Lights: the modern white lacquered base cabinet with drawers is equipped with a built-in sense light. The light of proper benefits is not only the ornament of beauty, but also a good helper for use feeling.  White lacquered wall cabinets are equipped with bottom board lights and interior lights, which increase the beauty of wall cabinets and activate the vitality of the whole cabinet.

Bar Table: The design of heighten bar at the edge of the sink adds the fashion and flexible to the whole modern kitchen, meanwhile facilitating meals and rest in the kitchen, and has both aesthetic and practical functions.

Base cabinet with 2 drawers lacquer kitchen cabinet sink base basket lacquer kitchen cabinetlift-up wall cabinet white lacquer kitchen cabinet bar table modern fashion luxury kitchen cabinet

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