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Whole House Custom Product │ Nordic Light Wind Blowing Through The Luxury That Fit Brings You Want Dream Home
- Nov 24, 2018 -


Ambry design is a big window, the space of gray and simple but elegant, black handle and kitchen appliance adorn meantime, let whole kitchen space be full of delicate and ceremonial sense.ambry

The cabinet body design of fluctuation symmetry and electric equipment combination of facade Mosaic type, not only enriched the function of partition storage, but also very delicate and beautiful. The design of sliding door on and down, let receive grid agile and changeful, can combine freely at will, make in cooking operation take thing very convenient and fast.

Hollow island ark has receive a function besides all sides, still increased the design of stage of fluctuation concealment type, can become the work station of an organic whole already, can conceal daily kitchen things or wine to provide again among them. Need to take when use rise can, not only save a lot of space, still increased a lot of fun for kitchen operation and communication.